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Pick Up / Order Info

Pick up hours:

Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm

Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 12 noon – 5pm

Pick up / Order Process

  1. We receive a notification of your order after you’ve placed one.

  2. Your order is then reviewed and if an item is out of stock then it will be
    removed and your bill will be adjusted.

  3. Your PayPal or Debit/Credit will not be charged until we have authorized the payment to go through, when it’s authorized then you will receive an email stating your order and payment has been approved.

  4. After your order has been approved and paid we will then pack your items together and send you another email stating your order is ready for pick up.

  5. Present “Order #” or “printed/digital copy” of invoice when picking up order.
    (Exclude this step if its shipping)

Please allow up to 30mins for your order to be processed
and ready for pick up, or can leave a note if
being picked up at a specific time.
(Frozen Foods will not be packed up until arrival.)



Orders made while store is closed or not picked
up day of order will be available for pick
up the following day.