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September 21 Shipment

Livestock we received on
the week of September 21:


Lemon Peel Angel
Yellow Tang
Flying Gurnard
Flame Angel
Honey Damsel
Tesselata Eel (Gymnothorax Favagineus)
Christmas Wrasse
Red Christmas Wrasse
Captive Bred Snowflake Clown
Blue Reef Chromis (Chromis Cyanea)
Green Birdwrasse
Blue Line Trigger
Purple Queen Anthias
Bartlett Anthias
Moorish Idol
Dusky Wrasse
Bicolor Parrotfish
Royal Gramma
Neon Dottyback
Fridmani Dottyback
Leaf Fish (Tainianotus Trichanthus)
Swallesi Basslet
Arrow Crab


Assorted Ultra Aussie Acropora
Assorted Blastomussa Wellsi
Pink Tip Elegance
Metallic Green, Red and Blue Goniopora
Chalice Coral
Acan Echinata
Purple and Gold Long Tentacle Plate
Blue/Purple Mushrooms
Torch Coral


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