March 16 Shipment

We received the following on the week of March 16th:

Assorted Female Crowntail Betta
Red, Green, Blue, Fancy Male Crowntail Betta
Male and Female Dragon Crowntail Betta
Assorted Female DB Betta
Fancy, Solid Color, Butterfly Male DB Betta
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fancy Longtail Male Betta
Female Dragon Longtail Betta
Assorted colors, Butterfly, Fancy, Dragon HM Male Betta
Platinum Black Dragon HMPK Betta
Assorted Big Ear HMPK Male Betta
Silver Arowana ($34.99 or 3 for $99.99)
Green Tiger Barb
Jacobfreibergi Cichlid
Red Eye Strawberry Peacock
Tire Track Eel
Spotted Spiny Eel
Chocolate Cichlid
Green Cory Dora
Ice Blue Zebra
Red Bellied Pacu
Pearl Gourami
Rummy Nose Tetra
Male and Female Motoro Stingrays
Assorted Angelfish (Small and Medium Sizes)
African Dwarf Frogs


Niger Trigger
Blue Spot Grouper
Tomato Grouper
Yellow Margin Purple Lyretail Grouper
Crimson Tipped Longfin Comet
Banggai Cardinal
Blue Boxer Shrimp
Assorted Zoanthids
Elegance Coral
Flower Pot Coral (Metallic Green, Red, Purple)
Multicolored Acropora
Bubble Coral
Metallic Green Mushrooms
Assorted Coloured Chalice Coral
Multicoloured Brain Corals
Assorted Coloured Astreopora
Red Tip Astreopora


Our plant shipment has been postponed for March 22nd. Saltwater fish, saltwater inverts also arriving on the 22nd.


Thanks for viewing,


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