March 8 Shipment

We received the following on the week of March 8th:

German Blue Rams
Cherry Barb
Red Spotted Severum (3.5″)
Round White Convict Cichlid
Red Zebra
Bloodfin Glass Tetra
Assorted Angelfish
Sunburst Platy
Silver Tipped Tetra
Boesemani Rainbowfish
Red Spotted Brichardi (Neolamprologus olivaceous)
Purple Heart Parrot
Odessa Barb
Roseline Shark (Sahyadria denisonii)
Golden Rosy Barb


Upside Down Jellyfish (Captive Bred)
Ocellaris Clownfish (Captive Bred)
Black & White Ocellaris (Captive Bred)
Gold Striped Maroon Clownfish (Captive Bred)
Black Ice Ocellaris (Captive Bred)
Snow Onyx Ocellaris (Captive Bred)
Bicolor Parrotfish
Blue Jaw Trigger
Orange Diamond Spot Goby
Blue Hippo Tang (Small and Medium)
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Large)
Long Nose Hawkfish
Sailfin Tang
Black & Gold Chromis
Lyretail Anthias
Pink and Blue Spot Goby
Spotted Grouper
Algae Blenny


Saltwater Coral (SPS, LPS and Zoas), freshwater fish and plants
shipment arriving on March 16th.


Thanks for viewing,


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