October 13 Shipment

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Red Tail Gold and MG XBACK
Blow Out Sale!

We are currently taking pre-orders for RTG ($599.99, Reg-$900.00) and
MG Xback Arowanas ($899.99, Reg-$1300.00) with sizes being from 8-10″ in length.
They’re expected to arrive between mid October to mid November. First come first serve basis.
(Updates regarding Arowanas will be posted via facebook or newsletter.)

**Update 10/13/17:
We are still currently awaiting on legal paper work to be completed
which should hopefully be done with said dates above.





(Reefer Nano, 150, 250, and 350 also in stock.)

For more info follow the link :


Here’s what we received the week of October 5th:

Freshwater Fish:

Nicarguense Cichlid
Albino Strawberry Peacock
Sulphurhead Peacock (Adult Males)
Apache Peacock (Adult Males)
Lwanda Cichlid
Red Lion Flowerhorn ( 4.5″ with kok/hump)
Malawi Eyebiter (Adult Males)
Taiwan Reef Peacock (Adult Males)
Red Empress (Adult Males)

Blue Diamond, Blue, Pigeon Blood, Purple Turquoise, Red Turqiuose, Snake Skin, Pigeon Pearl Line, Red&White, Pigeon Pearl, Tomato, Red Malboro Discus

Assorted Regular and Dragon Female Crowntail Betta
Male Dragon Crowntail Betta
Male DB Butterfly Betta
Assorted Male Longtail Betta
Assorted Female Longtail Betta
Female Longtail Dragon Betta
Male HM Butterfly Betta
HMPK Koi Betta
Glass Catfish
Tiger Oscar
Lionhead Goldfish
Assorted Lyretail Molly
Neon Tetra
Silver Flying Fox
Hybrid Polkadot Stingrays (1 pair and 1 male)
Pearl Stingrays (3 males and 3 females)

Freshwater Plants:

Vesicularia Montagnei
Vallisneria Asiatica
Anubias Barteri
Ludiwigia Ovalis
Cryptocoryne Walkeri
Alternanthera Bettzickiana
Hygrophila Rosanervis
Microsorium Pteropus
Bacopa (Red)
Rotala Indica (Green)
Golden Anubias Nana
Bolbitis (Baby Leaf)
Micranthemum Micranthemoides
Anubias Nana Petite

Saltwater Fish:

Leather Jacket Filefish
Lipstick Naso
Big Eye Squirrelfish
Long Spine Puffer
Powder Brown Tang
Blue Lined Trigger (Pseudobalistes fuscus)
Saddle Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
Orange Diamond Spot Goby (Sand sifter)
Bicolor Parrotfish
Dusky Fairy Wrasse
Pentail Fairy Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse
Pajama Cardinal
Blue Regal Tang
Pacific Sailfin Tang
Tear Drop Butterfly
Unicorn Naso Tang
Mandarin Blenny
Blue Green Chromis
Yellow Tail Damsel
Red Scooter Blenny
Engineer Goby
Yellow Watchman Goby

Here’s what we received for the week of October 13:

Saltwater fish:

Volitan Lionfish
Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides bicolor)
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Large)
Red Reef Lobster
Assorted Gorgonian Sea Fans
Triple Tail Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus trilobatus)
Quoys Parrotfish (Scarus quoyi)
Tomini Bristletooth Tang
Panther Grouper
Banggai Cardinal
Bird Mouth Wrasse (Gomphasus caeruleus)
Speckled Tang (Acanthurus maculiceps)
Goldring Bristletooth Tang
Striped Bristletooth Tang
Blonde Naso Tang
Lined Butterflyfish
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Vagabond Butterflyfish
Powder Blue Tang
Mimic Tang
Mandarin Goby (Pairs)
Majestic Angelfish
Speckled Butterflyfish
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Melanurus Wrasse
Desjardin Sailfin Tang
Magnificent Rabbitfish (Small)
Blue Jaw Trigger (Female)
Two Spot Goby
Blue Spot Grouper (Cephalopholis argus)
Miniatus Grouper (Cephalopholis miniata)

Freshwater Plants:

Limnophilla Aromatica
Ludwigia Ovalis
Vallineria Nana
Ludwigia Peruensis
Micrantheum Umbrosum
Micsosorium Pteropus
Nymphaea Zenkeri ( Tiger Lotus)

Week of October 26 we will be receiving our saltwater inverts and SPS shipment.

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