August 16 Shipment

Here’s what we receive for the week of August 16:

Orange Diamond Spot Goby (Sand Sifter)
Dogface Puffer
Marine Betta
Fox Face
Algae Blenny
Sea Hare Slugs
Magnus Goby
Bullet Head Goby
Bursa Trigger (S)
Humu Humu Trigger (S)
Pentail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Lanceolatus)
Wetmorella Wrasse
Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse
Black Angler
Orange Spot Goby
Moorish Idol
Mandarin Goby
Redtail Fairy Wrasse
Spider Crab
Red Reef Lobster
Yellow Watchman Goby
Strawberry Dottyback
Royal Dottyback
Halloween Hermit
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Bubble Tip Anemone
Blue Head Rainbow Wrasse (Halichoeres leucurus)
Squaretail Bristletooth (Ctenochaetus truncatus)
Dispar Anthias (Females)
Harlequin Grouper (Cephalopholis polleni)
Banggai Cardinal
Skeletor Eel
Melanurus Wrasse
Blue Lip Bristletooth
Striped Bristletooth
Pajama Cardinal
Yellow Pyramid Butterfly

Dark Red Mushroom
Purple Blue Mushroom
Blue Spot Red Mushroom
Blue Tip Hairy Mushroom
Metallic Green Button Polyp
Montipora Undata
Leather Tree Coral
Toad Stool Leather Coral
Long Tentacle Plate Coral
Multicolored Doughnut Coral (Cynarina lacrymalis)
Favia Brain Coral
Red Flower Pot Coral (Goniopora)


Freshwater shipment arriving August 25.

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