February 2 Shipment

Asian Arowanas Shipment Announcement

We have recently put an order for numerous juvenile
Chili Red Arowana (6-7″), Malaysian Golden Arowana (6-7″) and Red Tail Gold Arowana (5-6″).

We will be receiving them from a farm in Thailand named AF Arowana, attached below are few pictures courtesy of AF Arowana Farm’s Facebook page.

(More pictures and videos to view by clicking the link above to be directed to their facebook page.)

They should be arriving next week, if not then it’ll be the
week after. See store for details.

Saltwater Starter Kits Available In-store

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Freshwater kits in stock can also be ran as a saltwater aquarium.





the following step by step information courtesy of
Fluval/Mr.Saltwater Tank (Mark Callahan) are very helpful and informative:

How to set up a Fluval Evo Aquarium:

How to cycle your Fluval Evo Aquarium:
(Best to watch after watching 1st video.)

How to care for and maintain your Fluval Evo Aquarium:

***Most of the supplies in the videos are available in store.***

Here’s what we received for the week of February 2:


Nothing, but next shipment will be in the week of February 15 which will hopefully consist of Asian Arowanas.


(Impellers, impeller shafts, impeller cover, rubber gasket and more.)


Powder Brown Tang
Female Blue Jaw Trigger
Copper Band Butterflyfsh
Pink and Blue Spot Goby
Lyretail Anthias
Undulated Trigger
Leather Jacket Filefish
Golden Head Sleeper Goby (Sand Sifter)
Valentini Puffer
Lipstick Naso Tang
Blue Gudgeon Goby
Algae Blenny
Blue Green Chromis
Allen’s Damsel
Black Saddle Damsel
Tail Spot Goby
Red Scooter Blenny
Mandarin Blenny
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Astrea Snail
Bumble Bee Snail
Blue Eyed Hermit Crab
Red Trochus Snail
Pink Brittle Starfish
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Fine Striped Pistol Shrimp
Red Snapping Pistol Shrimp

Super Long Tentacle Torch Coral
Candy Cane Coral
Purple Long Tentacle Plate Coral
Green Stem Branching Hammer
Blastomussa (Purple/Red)
Blue/Purple Flowerpot Coral
Yellow/Orange Lobophyllia (Brain Coral)
Pink Fluorescent Lobophyllia (Brain Coral)
Metallic Multicolor Lobophyllia (Brain Coral)
Metallic Pink Zoas
Metallic Red Zoas
Metallic Orange Zoas
Metallic Multicolor Zoas
Multicolor Palythoas
Metallic Multicolor Palythoas
Pink/Yellow Tip, Purple/Yellow Tip, Orange Cotton Tree Corals (Scleronephthya)
Multicolor Fluorescent Rose Bowl Coral (Wellsophyllia)
Metallic Red Closed Brain Coral (Symphyllia)


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