December 9 Shipment

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Compact Beginner Saltwater
Systems Now In Stock.


Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Gallon

(More info click link:


Fluval Evo Marine Aquarium Kit
(5 or 13.5 Gallons)

(More info click link:




If you`re looking into setting up a saltwater aquarium,

the following step by step information courtesy of
Fluval/Mr.Saltwater Tank (Mark Callahan) are very helpful:


How to set up a Fluval Evo Aquarium:

How to cycle your Fluval Evo Aquarium:
(Best to watch after watching 1st video.)

How to care for and maintain your Fluval Evo Aquarium:

***Most of the supplies in the videos are available in store.***







Here’s what we received for the week of December 9:


Assorted Male and Female Guppies
Cleaner “Amano” Shrimp
Red Cherry Shrimp
Yellow Lemon Cichlid
Albino Yellow Lemon Cichlid
Blue Eyed Yellow Bristlenose Pleco
Colored Parrot
Blood Parrot
Blue Coral Platy
Albino X-Ray Tetra
Red Head Diamond Angelfish
Rope Fish (African Reed Fish)
Marble Angelfish
Red Crabs
Fantail Goldfish


Yellow Watchman Goby
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Finally)
Strawberry Conch
Randalli Pistol Shrimp (Paired with Yellow Watchman)
Marble Pistol Shrimp (Paired with Yellow Watchman)
Green Speckled Bubble Tip Anemone
Red Speckled Bubble Tip Anemone
Blue Eyed Hermit Crab
Astrea Snail
Halloween Hermit Crab
Warty Seacucumber
Green Brittle Starfish
Pencil Seaurchin
Red Radiating Urchin
Rock Boring Sea Urchin
Pink Ricordea
Captive Bred Black & White Ocellaris
Captive Bred Gold Striped Maroon
Captive Bred Black Onyx Clownfish
Captive bred Snow Onyx Clownfish
Captive Bred Wyoming Platinum Clownfish

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