September 9 Freshwater Shipment

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Here’s what we recently received (September 9):

P13 x P14 (Polkadot x Leopoldi – Potamotrygon motoro)
Red, Blue, Yellow, Fancy Crowntail Betta
Butterfly, Fancy, DB Betta
Female Longtail Betta
Red, Blue, Green, Fancy, Lontail Betta
Butterfly, Fancy, White Platinum, Koi Fancy, Super Big Ear, Halfmoon Platak (HMPK)
Female Halfmoon Platak (HMPK)
Snake Skin Discus
Glass Catfish
Redtail Catfish
Jacobfreibergi Peacock
Sulfurhead Peacock
Neon Tetra
Assorted Koi
Peacock Bass
Colored Glass Tetra
Assorted Jellyhead Goldfish
Assorted Molly

A few pictures available
on our Instagram.

Next shipment: Fish, Clams, and Coral arriving on September 16.



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