September 2nd Saltwater Shipment

//September 2nd Saltwater Shipment

September 2nd Saltwater Shipment

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Here’s what we recently received (September 2nd):

Saltwater fish:

Bicolor Angel
Powder Brown Tang
Orange Diamond Spot Goby
Coral Beauty
Spotted Sweetlips
Big Eye Squirrel
Lyretail Grouper
Clown Trigger (2″)
Lipstick Naso Tang
Red Reef Lobster
Scopas Tang
Lyretail Anthias (Males and females)
Humu Humu Trigger
Yellow head Goby
Red Stripe Goby
Possum Wrasse
Pylei Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Pyle – Male)
Black Long Spine Urchin
Blue Koran Angel
Sailfin Tang
Marine Betta
Fox Face
Striped Squirrelfish
Multicolored Sea Urchin
Multicolored Slugs
Emperor Snapper
Pink and Blue Spot Goby
Black Wrasse
Pajama Cardinal
Randal Pistol Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp
Cleaner Skunk Shrimp

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