August 17th Saltwater Shipment

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Here’s what we recently received (August 17):

Saltwater fish:

Emperor Angelfish (Adult)
Fox Face
Long Nose Hawkfish
Red Coris Wrasse
Blue Hippo Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Red Tail Fairy Wrasse
Miniatus Grouper
Harlequin Tusk
Blue Jaw Trigger
Marine Betta
Purple Square Anthias
Banded Snake Eel (Myrichthys colubrinus)
Clown Trigger (4″)
Red Long Jaw Wrasse
Bicolor Angel
Blue Green Chromis
Engineer Goby
Strawberry Dottyback
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Lunar Wrasse
Royal Flasher Wrasse
Sea Hare Slugs
Marble Pistol Shrimp
White Sebae Anemone
Multicolor Slugs (Chromodoris quadricolor / Hypselodoris bullockii)
Sand Sifting Starfish



20160818_133254[1]Reef safe external parasite (Ich, Velvet) medication and
coral food for increased growth and coloration.



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