Saltwater Shipment August 13

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Here’s what we received on August 4th:

Fancy Crowntail Betta
Assorted Double Butterfly Halfmoon Betta
Fancy, White Platinum Halfmoon Betta
Red, Blue, Fancy, Longtail Betta
Motoro Stingray
Lionhead Goldfish
Jellyhead Goldfish
Bubble Eye Goldfish

Purple Turqoise
Blue Diamon Platinum
Pearl Line Pigeon
Malboro Red
White Diamond
Pigeon Pearl
Gold Master
Red Melon

Here’s what we recently received (August 13):

Saltwater fish:

Emperor Angelfish
Koran Angelfish
Goldenhead Moray Eel (Gymnothorax fimbriatus)
Vlamingi Tang
Blue Jaw Trigger
Picasso Trigger
Ocellated Dragonet
Strawberry Conch
Red Finger Starfish
Long Spine Sea Urchin
Tuxedo Urchin
Multicolor Sea Urchin
Diana’s Hogfish
Matted Filefish
Black Highfin Blenny
Blue Line Grouper
Blue Spot Grouper
Panther Grouper
Copperband Butterfly
Melanurus Wrasse
Black Spot Tang
Chocolate Mimic Tang
Tomini Tang
Desjardin Sailfin Tang
Niger Trigger
Bicolor Blenny
Royal Dottyback
Majestic Angelfish
Solorensis Fairy Wrasse
Banggai Cardinal

Saltwater Coral:

Assorted Acropora
Assorted Zoanthids
Assorted Elegance Corals
Assorted Euphyllias (Octospawn, Frogspawn, Hammer)
Assorted Blastomussa
Assorted Clove Polyp

Next saltwater shipment :
August 19th



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