June 30th Shipment

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Here’s what we recently received (St.James location ONLY):

Red Fin Borleyi 
Electric Blue Cichlid
Malawi Eye Biter
Yellow lemon Cichlid
Johanni (Melanochromis Johanni)
Frontosa (Burundi)
Red Spot Severum
Panda Cory
Purple Parrot
Tiger Barb
Cherry Barb
Mickey Mouse Platy
Male Guppy

Sunburst Platy
Black Phanthom Tetra
Serpae Tetra
Female Guppy

Black Skirt Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Silver Arowana
Assorted Angelfish
Red Belly Piranha (Toonie Size)
Red Finned Shark
Boesmani Rainbow

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Feeder goldfish and plecos (Algae eaters) are also in stock for our opening on July 2nd.